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You may want to open up a retail store. You have plenty of products, but you don't have any idea on how to attract or keep customers once they set foot in your business. You don't understand what's going on and need some assistance in this arena.

Using the principles of Feng Shui can change your situation. Here’s a look at some things that you can do to change the atmosphere of your business:

You have too many things bunched together. The products are nice, but there’s no sense of what goes where. Or they may be thinking, “Why is this product here when it should be somewhere else?”

You must remove some of the products and leave some space between them. Bunching them up together does nothing but cause confusion for the customer. They feel it’s too much for them to look at.

Try to put the products in different categories. Then you’ll see a difference when customers come in. They’ll want to stay longer and look because they’re not confused and frustrated with what to purchase.

The Feng Shui energy from the entry door to the back door is not flowing properly. In turn, you don’t get customers or sales. The minute the customer walks in the door, they need to be drawn in by what you have.

Be clear on the products you offer and their benefits. Customers always want to know what’s in it for them. After all, you’re marketing to them, so why not let them know how they can benefit if they purchase?

The entry way and the front area should be more visible than the back. They will see the front of the store first before they make their way back.

Your aisles are not clear. You have things in the way that are creating obstacles for the customer. That should not be. A customer doesn’t want to be squeezing through or stepping over things just to get by. Make room in the aisles for them so they’ll have easy access to the products.

Some of these suggestions can be implemented for the internet as well. Conduct a survey or ask some of your customers are there things that you can make changes to with your store. You might be surprised with the answers. It’s very important that you tune in to the customer’s needs. Without them, there would be no business.

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