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When your child hates school

School can be impossible to deal with when your child hates to be there. It can be a struggle every day to get your child off to school. How do you deal with a problem like that?
You first need to find out the reason why your child is dreading school so much. The problem might be something that is easily solved. If there is another child at school who is causing problems for your son or daughter, you can talk to the teacher or principle to try to resolve it. Moving your child’s desk away from the other child might alleviate the problem, or even switching teachers. You, as a parent, have to decide if a change in your child’s attitude could help or if something else is needed.
If your child doesn’t have any friends at school it can be really difficult to go to school every day. When your children are in elementary school you can be an influence on your children and arrange a play time for your children – inviting other kids over. Becoming involved in their school day allows you to help volunteer and also see what is happening in the classroom. This perspective could help you find the problem that your child is having and suggest some solutions to try. If possible, volunteer your time to help the teacher.
If your child is struggling with a particular subject you can give them the help they need. Whatever the cause is for their problem in school, find a way to help them to resolve it. Turn school time into a positive experience so that they will enjoy going to school. Children learn so much better when they enjoy what they are doing.

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