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We are all graded

In elementary school, your child’s grades will probably not show themselves as A’s and B’s but most likely S’s and N’s. Elementary schools tend to avoid the labeling of grades. It can be more difficult to find areas that your child needs help in.
When junior high and high school come along the grades will be more important. You can teach your child early on about the importance of grades in a positive way. Grades are not the tell-all answers to how smart a person is, but merely a guide or tool to determine how well your child understands a particular subject. It’s important not to over-emphasize the importance of the grade, but more the effort that is put into school in general. Since each child is different, try not to compare one child to another. While your oldest might make an effort and get A’s, another might make just as much an effort and get C’s. Help your children to have the self-confidence to be happy with their best effort despite the grade.
When your child isn’t doing well and isn’t trying, you have a bigger problem. Starting your child early on about the importance of school and learning can help them make the right choices as they get older. How well they try in school can effect how well they try in the real world. Teach them the proper skills and tools to be confident in all they do and things will be easier for them.
If your child is really struggling in a subject, help them to understand that everyone can’t be good at everything. Find areas that they are good in and help to feel good about what they can do well. And help them work on the areas that they aren’t as good at.

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