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Values in Self and Healthy Relationships

The values in self and healthy relationships at some degree rest on the identification made by theorists over the years that judge our attractions based on the variables in our determination that center on our reinforcements and cognitive. For instance, you might consider your mate. Think about what is you like about a person that attracted you to him or her.

This is an attraction that struck a cord, since it affected both your emotions and mental intellect upon meeting this person. The point here is that your mate likely agreed with you on the initial meeting, which encouraged you to start up a relationship. According to theorists, if your mate had of disagreed with you on the initial meeting, likely you would be in another relationship.

This concludes that in order to establish healthy relationships we must have some harmony, systematic structure and balance to cultivate a healthy relationship. It does not however include the process of developing the healthy self, although some of the same approaches apply.

We must join our body and mind to work in harmony in a systematic setting to achieve balance. By achieving balance, we are able to see things at many angles, rather center in on negative factors that get in the way of our progress.

Therefore, it is reasonable to say that we must use techniques that encourage the body and mind to work together to improve health. For this reason, many philosophers are encouraging guided relaxation, meditation, subliminal learning and other natural methods. We still need mobility. That is the muscles require that we stay active in order to keep the body healthy. This does not mean that you work the muscles around the clock; rather you set up a three-day routine that includes exercise. Exercising the body will lead to good health both mentally and physically.

When you exercise the body, it builds your self-esteem, confidence and gives you a degree of inner peace. You start to enjoy relaxation more willingly, which clears up space for you to practice meditation or subliminal learning effectively. Ultimately, combining the three natural practices will arrive you at the healthy self. At this point, you can give more attention to your relationships, and work to create a healthy association with others.

How does meditation work?
First, you want to find a calm area where you do not have any distractions. Perhaps your bedroom is one of the calmest areas in your home, which is suitable for meditation. Be sure to tell your friends, family and partner that you intend to meditate at a set time so that they do not disturb you. If you friends or partner disturb you despite you asked them not to, and there is no emergency involved, perhaps you will benefit by finding other relationships that respect your decisions.

Once you are in the calm area, lie back on your bed or couch. You can also meditate outdoors, yet you want to find a place where distractions are minimal. Once you are in position, you can either close your eyes or zoom in on some object that you find interesting. For example, you can focus on a picture on the wall, or a tree if you are outdoors. Continue to focus on that object until your mind begins to open up. You may feel some tension at first, but continue since this is a natural response to meditation, especially if you are not custom to this practice. Your mind and body is learning to adapt to something refreshing.

Now that you are focused and your mind is available to allow you entry, go inside your mind. Instead of repressing thoughts and feelings, allot them to go freely. Let them out in the open. Do not be afraid, since these feelings and thoughts are trying to tell you something that you must know to create the healthy self. Take some time to examine your feelings and thoughts closely. You can continue the procedure up to 20-30 minutes or longer if necessary.

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