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Test Stress and Fears

Some people have a fear of tests. For those of us that don’t, it seems hard to understand. Yet it’s important to be able to help your child if they have a fear or stress from taking tests. Without some way to control this, they will have a very difficult time in school and their grades will suffer.
Talk to your child about why tests are given and explain that they help the teacher to understand the things the child has learned. Ease their fears that it judges everything about their learning. Show them how other things they do in school also count towards their grade.
Make sure they know that you love them no matter what their test scores are. Let them know that there are more important things and that it isn’t such a big deal. Don’t downplay their fears but help them to know that it isn’t the worst thing.
Give them some practice tests to give them an idea of what tests they will be taking and teach them some techniques to calm down and decrease stress. Also, talk with their teacher for some ideas to help. It might be easier for them to test if they can work alone. It might be possible to allow them to talk their tests in the library while the other students are taking theirs in the classroom.
Their teacher might have other suggestions as well. It’s important to help your child alleviate their stress and fear of tests before it gets too bad. Unfortunately, taking tests is a big part of attending school, and it’s difficult to avoid. Give your child every chance to be successful in school.

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