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Safety Helps

Make sure your kids are safe. We all want to protect our children. When they are away at school, we have little control over their day. Prepare now for some basic school safety.
If your children walk to school, walk with them and check out safety concerns. Roads with busy traffic should have a crossing guard. Teach your children how to cross the street safely. They should stay on the sidewalk until the crossing guard gives them the signal to cross.
My family has a password that we use if someone else needs to pick them up from school. We have taught our children to ask for the password before going with anyone else. This way they know that it is okay to go with that person, because we gave them the password.
Safety also involves teaching your children about talking to strangers. Let them know which houses along their school route are safe to go to if they need help. Teach them about common practices that kidnappers use, such as asking for help finding a dog. Help them to understand the importance of staying in groups when walking. Talk to them so they are not frightened but understand how important these safety rules are. The best bet is to have them not talk to people they don’t know.
If your child needs medication during school, check out the policy at the school your child is attending. Each school differs on how they handle this. If possible, give your child any medication before and/or after school to avoid having someone else administer it to them.
Many schools have started an emergency kit in their classrooms and may ask for donations. If your child’s class doesn’t do this, you might suggest one. School safety starts with us.

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