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Q&A: Moving to Boston From Tampa?

Question by : Moving to Boston From Tampa?
I currently live in Tampa, fl and I am thinking about moving back to Boston. I left boston when I graduated high school in 2007 to move to Tampa, fl. I can honestly say I hate it here it is so different then what I’m used to.

I want to know what it is like to live there on your own? When I left I still lived with family so I didnt really know what is was like to be on your own.

I am a legal secretary at a firm, will I find a nice paying job? What is the salary like in Boston? Is it more money? And is Malden a good area to move to?

I currently have a car dont really want to move with it, will I be ok without a car?

Thank you

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Answer by missy j
it’s not easy finding a job anywhere nowadays but it’s good to network and creating an on-line account such as Monster or yahoo jobs…I’ve used them to find jobs and find them effective especially…I’m in the human services field so not an expert on your career field being out here I’m Boston should not be a problem. you will def. make more Money here in Boston, however the cost of living is much higher in Boston. my advice to you Is try to get roommates at first that will save some money Malden is not a bad place to live as long as you’re not trying to work there that can be difficult to find jobs in your field. not having a car here is a good idea just filled up my tank that cost me $ 72 that really hurts. If youre planning on living in Malden for the most part you should not have any probl with public transportation…good luck!

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