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Moving Fast, Fire Scorches Community in California

Moving Fast, Fire Scorches Community in California
LOS ANGELES — The fire moved fast, faster than even veteran firefighters had seen. As it ripped …. “Lake County is the more affordable place to live,” Mr. Dunsford said, “so that's where a lot of the employees for the wineries and the restaurants …
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Ricebar Is Barely a Restaurant. Perhaps It's Something Better
Los Angeles is not the best restaurant town in the country, but it is likely the best food town — at least that's how the old adage goes. It's a useful thought, if not an original one, yet non-L.A. people often are left wondering what exactly it means …
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Man shot after running into restaurant ID'd as 41-year-old
Police officers investigate at Chris' and Pitt's barbecue restaurant after an armed carjacking suspect led police on a long car chase then ran with a gun into a crowded restaurant and is dead after a shooting Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015, involving a Los …

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