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“Guardians of the Galaxy” Breaking Box Office Records

This movie is killing it.

“The numbers kept going up and up and up all day for the “coolest & weirdest #1 blockbuster” starring little-known superheroes with running jokes and 1970s pop songs and the most untested and uncertain property yet to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney/Marvel’s pulpy space adventure Guardians Of The Galaxy – opened with a huge $37.8M Friday and a gigantic $91.5M-$92.3M first domestic weekend from 4,080 theaters.”

Great reviews on Metacritic, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, wow!

My movie snob friend said it’s the best time he has had at a movie…ever!

“An original even surprising and certainly risky project from producer/top executive Kevin Feige, Guardians Of The Galaxy falls into what Marvel Studios has dubbed Phase II that broadens its cinematic universe to include new heroes and villains, many of them not household names. These characters have been around for decades in the pages of Marvel Comics, even though they didn’t come together until 2008 as the GOTG (which prior to that was the name of a group of crimefighters in the 31st Century of an alternate Marvel Universe).”

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