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El Parian Restaurant – Pico Union – Los Angeles

El Parian in Pico Union has long held a warm place in the hearts of Angelenos who go there for their hearty birria and carne asada tacos “Jalisco Estilo.” Jalisco is a state in Mexico with Guadalajara as the capital.

At El Parian, you can close your eyes and feel the hum of the crowd in Guadalajara, listening to the Mariachis as you stroll along Libertab Market, checking out the fresh fruits and vegetables. Or maybe I was sitting too close to the kitchen.

Your next trip downtown, stop off at El Parian. The food is fresh, hearty, cheap and the beer is cold. What more do you want?

El Parian
1528 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles Ca 90015
(213) 386-7361
Mon-Fri 8am-930pm
Weekends 9am-930pm
Cash Only

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