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AngularJS for Enterprise Software (AngularJS Toronto Meetup Oct. 2014)

AngularJS for Enterprise Software (AngularJS Toronto Meetup Oct. 2014)'s CEO Nick Van Weerdenburg does a talk… “AngularJS is taking over the world, but what if you have existing software in place? What do you do then?”

In this talk from an AngularJS Toronto Meetup in October 2014, Nick Van Weerdenburg speaks about Best Practices for Enterprise AngularJS.

Watch this talk to find out more:

1. How to bring on AngularJS
2. Architectural considerations
3. Best Practices for larger AngularJS projects
4. Adoption Management and Cultural Risk
5. Case Studies

Presenter’s Bio:

Nick Van Weerdenburg is the founder of and leads’s business development, consulting, and enterprise architecture activities. As an expert in web development, he has 15 years of leadership experience in enterprise software, professional services and marketing with clients such as Nike and Yahoo. He’s a firm believer in the thin-server, full-JavaScript stack, and actively evangelizes for it across the tech community. As a dynamic communicator, Nick’s passion for being market and customer-oriented drives results. You can follow him on twitter at @n1cholasv or @rangleio.

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